Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting a claim

Refer to the Claims Procedure document available below. Complete the claim information form (below) and send via email, fax or submit a claim online.
Claims Procedure Claim Information form
An itemized estimate of the repairs, and copies of the vehicle's BG Service history pertaining to the component for which the claim is being presented.
We will set up the claim as quickly as possible. You will receive an authorization number to begin the repairs by email or phone (Per contact preference on the Claim Information form). It's important that no repairs are made prior to authorization.
Once you submit the final repair order, signed by the customer, and the repairs are complete, we will enter the information into the claim and provide payment by credit card.
The "Claim Information form" will allow us to set up the claim quicker. We will be able to provide you with an authorization number to start repairs.

Coverage questions

Courtesy Claims Management, LLC., will pay for usual, customary and reasonable labor time for diagnostic procedures that are necessary to determine the cause of a covered component failure.
No. The customer will be responsible for the BG service/fluid to continue their coverage through the Plan.
No. The service interval begins at the mileage you receive your first service. For example, if you have your first BG Transmission Service at 26,000 miles/41,000 km. The service interval is 26,000–56,000 miles (41,000-90,000 km) even if a Courtesy Claims paid repair occurs during that period and is immediately followed by a BG service to ensure continued coverage.
Yes. There is a limit of one claim per component, per service interval.
The plans are separate from, and do not extend the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. However, we will pay for the deductible amount.
If the required service interval is missed, there is a grace period of 500 miles/800 km to still qualify for coverage.
Yes. The protection stays with the vehicle.
Although you can use BG products on these vehicles, the BG Plans do not cover them.
As long as both components are covered by a BG Plan, we will set up two claims.
If you miss a service interval and the vehicle has a BG service and is still under 75,000 miles (120,000 km), the vehicle can be covered under Plan 2.
No. Double coverage will not apply. The vehicle is only eligible for coverage resulting from the last service performed. For example, if your customer most recently purchased an oil change with BG Extended Life MOA®, she is covered under BG Engine Assurance®.
Customers are eligible for the BG Forever Diesel® plan at any mileage! To enter the plan after 50,001 miles (80,001 km) or 1,501 hours, customers must purchase four BG diesel services to restore performance of the fuel, lubrication and emissions system.
We ONLY cover the oxygen sensors, PCV, Mass Air Flow sensor (only if BG 407 used), injectors, (deposit-related malfunctions only), throttle body because these items are lubricated by BG products.
We do not cover the timing belt because these items do not come into contact with BG products.
ABS sensors are not lubricated parts contained within the pump, valve, master cylinder, calipers, and metalized hoses (when hose failure results from internal corrosion).
Only the radiator replacement is covered. The cooling system coverage does not cover damage to engine components.
Leaking seals and gaskets are not covered under the power steering coverage.
Drive line coverage includes lubricated parts contained within the differential housing, transfer case or transmission case. It does not cover: Differential housing, transfer case, transmission case, axle(s), pre-packed axle bearing(s), U-joint(s), CV joint(s), CV boots(s), driveshaft(s), case, flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate unless damaged due to failure of covered part.
BG chemistry should be introduced to the new component after replacement and the service allow the customer to continue the coverage.
No. The BG service is at the owner's expense in order to continue their coverage with BG.
Each plan's certificate clearly details vehicle requirements, qualifying services, and component coverage.
The services must be performed by a professional technician at a licensed professional service center using an approved BG maintenance procedure with proper BG products and equipment.

BG Pre-owned Vehicle Protection Questions

The dealership should have given you a certificate which has a copy of Pre-owned Vehicle Protection Plan coverage.
Coverage under Pre-owned Vehicle Protection Plan is 6 months or 6,000 miles (10,000 km) (whichever comes first).
There is no grace period for the Pre-owned Vehicle Protection Plan claims.
No. Vehicles must have qualifying BG services with the initial mileage requirement to be eligible for the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®.

Claims Procedure Claim Information form

The terms and conditions contained on this website may be subject to change without notice. Courtesy Claims Management, LLC., reserves the right to verify up to 24 months of service history when processing a claim.